What Are the Different Driver Positions Available at Opies?

There are several different driver opportunities with Opies Transportation from home nightly drivers to regional drivers to over the road drivers.

At Opies Transport we have many different hiring needs all depending on where the driver lives.  As a family based company who understands the value of our drivers’ time at home, we pride ourselves in taking care of each driver getting them home when they need to be. We know that our drivers work hard to provide for their families, so we want them to enjoy time with their friends and family as often as possible. In fact, when our dispatch team receives an order, they often consider whether there is a driver on staff whose home is nearby so that a driver can possible take their break at their home. More than that, once our drivers arrive home and complete their 34 hour restart, our team asks the driver when they want to get back on the road, opposed to forcing them out immediately. Our team recognizes good communication and can get drivers home on weeknights to attend a t-ball game, dance recital, birthday dinner, anniversary, and other family-oriented events.

Home Nightly Drivers

If you live in the Memphis, Tennessee or Dallas, Texas area, Opies has an immediate opportunity for home nightly drivers. Thanks to the many lanes we have in these areas, our dispatchers plan and get our drivers home every night while offering a good daily wage.  Every driver is paid by the mile, but some of the loads in those areas deliver within 100 miles of the shipper, so, in order to take care of our driver and make it worth his or her time we pay by the mile and add a “short haul pay” with each of these loads. We even have customers who are 250 miles away from the shipper, which allows our driver to load and deliver the same day and make it home by night.

Regional Drivers

If you live in Chicago, Illinois, Dallas, Texas, Eldon, Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri, Keokuk, Iowa, Memphis, Tennessee or North Houston, Texas, we are looking for regional drivers to join the Opies family! Our dispatch works hard to get drivers in these areas home a few times each week and provide weekends off.  In this role, some orders load and deliver the same day; while others load one day and deliver the following day.

Over the Road Drivers OTR)

If you don’t live in one of the aforementioned areas, we still want to welcome you to the Opies team as an over the road (OTR) driver! OTR driver’s work 10-12 days and are guaranteed home every other weekend. Our team works to get OTR drivers home on a Thursday or Friday, but depends on what load they deliver. Our dispatch will reach out the Tuesday before the driver’s weekend home to decide when they would like to leave the house and start working again. With some drivers preferring a restart immediately and others preferring 2-4 days off, this communication plan helps us best support our team!

Work With Opies

We know that every driver has different circumstances and responsibilities, and we want to do our best to accommodate each of our drivers. As a smaller trucking company that truly respects and takes care of all employees, all we look for from our drivers is clear communication about their needs and we can work with you to make sure you never miss a special family event. Click here to fill out our form and learn more about joining the Opies team today!