who we are:

Industry Leader 

By being the leader in the liquid food-grade transportation, Opies Transport, Inc. is dedicated to innovating an ever-increasing quality of service to our customers, and to providing a solid, secure future for our drivers and the staff who support them.


Our History

Danny Opie began Opies Transport on July 1, 1976. Their first location began on 8th street and by 1979 they served Kraft Foods, Central Dairy, Prairie Farms, Mid America Dairy Men and Borden's while running in 24 states. April 1, 1980, Opies moved to a new terminal off Hwy 52 in Eldon, operating 15 truck-tractors and 18 trailers. Since 1987, Opies has run all 48 states and Canada delivering liquid food materials to customers all over the U.S. On September 21, 1991 Opies Transport relocated to it's newly built terminal off Hwy FF in Eldon where it has been for over 25 years. April 1, 1996 marked the first day of their satellite terminal in Memphis, TN.

Since 1976, Opies Transport has been a family-owned and operated business. We offer the best pay package, equipment, facilities, and retirement plan around. Period.