Employee Recognition  2015
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2015 Employee of the Year - Tony Simpson

Tony began driving for Opies in 2002. He has been
driving trucks since 1995. Prior to then, Tony was a
Mechanic. He lives in Florida and always has a chipper
40 Year Employee - Daryle Hill

Daryle (pictured in green next to Danny Opie) was
Danny's first driver, hired in July 1975! Known to us as
Big D the Super Trucker, he progressed his way to the
Dispatch Office where he remains today as the Vice-
President of Sales & Customer Service. He lives in
Eldon with his wife Lisa and has 2 daughters.
30 Year Employee - John Gladden

John (pictured next to his grandson Matt Sherrell from
our Dispatch Office) started driving for Opies in May of
1985. John is married to Donna and lives in Iberia.
They have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.
10 Year Employee - Tony Ancell

Tony has been a Mechanic for Opies since January
2005. Tony and his wife Cheryl have 2 kids and live in
Eldon, MO. He enjoys fishing and camping in his off
10 Year Employee - Raymond Stigger

Raymond has worked for Opies since September of
2005 at our Memphis Terminal. He is a member of our
Tank Wash Team and is as proud of the job he does as
Opies is of his work. He always has a smile on his face
and works hard everyday for Opies.
10 Year Employee - George Mike Tripp

Mike started driving for Opies in November of 2005,
but his career started all the way back in 1969. He
lives in Sunrise Beach, MO with his wife Bertha. Mike
is yet another one of our always cheerful drivers.
10 Year Employee - Doug Widener

Doug has been driving for Opies since June of 2005.
He started driving commercially back in 1981 in a
straight truck before going to tractor trailers in May
of 2002. Doug lives in Gore, OK with his wife,
Michelle. They have 7 children.
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