Employee Recognition 2012
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2012 Employee of the Year - Patrick

Pat Swaringim (Milk Man) started driving for Opies in
November of 2001. He's been driving trucks since
1993. He is also a Certified A&P (Aircraft Frame &
Powerplant Mechanic) having graduated from Spartan
School of Aeronautics. Pat resides in Licking, MO.
30 Year Employee - Mark Kirkweg

Mark Kirkweg has been employeed with Opies since
July 1982. He started working in Pumpover washing
trucks. Later, he moved into the maintenance shop.
Mark has since worked his way up to Vice-President of
Maintenance. When he's not working on Opies Trucks,
Mark enjoys working on the house he recently built.
He also enjoys hunting and fishing. Mark has 3 boys, 1
daughter and 1 granddaughter.
10 Year Employee - Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson (Storm Rider) began driving for Opies in
December of 2002. Since that time he has logged over
1 million miles for Opies. Tony lives in Florida and
enjoys riding motorcycles when he's not driving a
10 Year Employee - Ed Ketchum

Ed Ketchum (Little Man) started with Opies in January
of 2002. Ed began as a team driver with his wife,
Debbie, for several years. Later, Debbie came off the
road and Ed became a local Memphis Driver. He is a
friend to all drivers and is always ready to help if
anybody is in need. When Ed isn't driving his truck, he
enjoys hanging out at the lake with family and friends.
10 Year Employee - Kenny Shaw

Kenny Shaw has worked at the Memphis, TN Terminal
since April of 2002. He is a valuable member of the
Opies Memphis Team. When Kenny isn't busy washing
trucks or tanks, he enjoys watching football and
fishing. Kenny also enjoys spending time with his ten
year old son.
10 Year Employee - Aaron Bachtel

Aaron Bachtel started working for Opies in June 2002.
He began working in the pumpover washing trucks,
then later, moved to working on trucks in the shop,
where he still works today. Prior to working at Opies,
Aaron ran a wood mill. When he's not working on
Opies trucks, Aaron enjoys fishing and four wheeling.
He lives in Eldon with his wife, April. They have 2
boys, 11 and 2.
10 Year Employee - Kent Williams

Kent Williams (Wabash) has been driving an Opies
truck since January 2002. When he's not working,
Kent enjoys riding motorcycles and frequently has
gone to Sturgis, SD. He also enjoys working on his old
car. Kent lives in Palmyra, MO with his wife, Kay. They
have 2 boys.
10 Year Employee - Jackie Henry

Jackie Henry (Ripper) started driving with Opies in
April of 2002. Since then he has logged over 1 million
miles for Opies. Jackie lives in Springfield, MO with his
wife, Brenda. When he's not on the road, he enjoys
tinkering with gas pawered model cars. Jackie is
computer savvy and is one of the first drivers to use a
computer in his truck. Jackie is always pleasant and is
well liked by his fellow employees.
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